Tampa’s Top 6 Main Attractions

When you are thinking about a vacation in Tampa, Florida, you will be surprised by the number of attractions that will just astound you in the Tampa Bay area. So here are Tampa’s Top 6 Main Attractions.

These top Tampa attractions that keep people coming back to this sunny place include great beaches, unique parks, and fantastic museums. The following selection of main attractions will broaden your mind and pique your interest.

1. The Florida Aquarium

Situated in Channelside, the Florida Aquarium boasts the Explore-a-Shore water park area that is sure to be a hit among kids. There’s a Pirate Ship that’s bound to keep your children interested the whole day. They will be thrilled by the jets of water that stream out from ground level. Moreover, you will get to see an assortment of aquatic life at the Aquarium that will leave you pretty amazed!

2. Adventure Island Theme Park

This is a sprawling, 30-acre theme park that’s styled after Key West where you can get completely soaked as you sample exciting wild water rides. There’s a lagoon close to the entrance of the theme park that’s quite breathtaking. There are rock platforms that let you climb and jump into the water. Other fun rides like the wave pool and water slide let you cool off under the sun. Moreover, it is a great place to bring your kids too.

3. Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

Touted as the largest science center on the Southeastern side of the US, the Museum of Science and Industry, fondly known as MOSI, is one of the biggest attractions in Tampa. MOSI sits on a 400,000 square feet area and is the only place in Florida with an IMAX Dome Theatre. This Museum caters for both kids and adults alike. There are pulleys and optical illusions that will keep your children thrilled for hours on end!

4. Lowry Park Zoo

This premier zoo in Tampa is voted as the number one zoo in the whole of the United States. Visitors can get up close and personal with an astounding array of wildlife that is located in various sections throughout the zoo. At the Primate World, you will glimpse orangutans, siamangs, and lemurs. At the Florida Wildlife Center, you will get to know some of the endangered native species of Florida as well as crocodiles, river otters, and red wolves. Moreover, the stingray pool allows you to both see and touch stingrays.

5. Busch Gardens Theme Park

This is by far the most famous of all of Tampa’s attractions. It has recorded more than 4 million local and international visitors annually who come from far and wide for the shows and thrill rides. You will be mesmerized by the Katanga, a 35-minute show set to music about African storytellers as they recount telling stories about African animal folktales. Roller coasters like the Sheikra with a sheer 90-degree drop will keep you shrieking till you are hoarse!

6. Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

If you are a theater buff, then the Tampa Bay Performance Arts Center is right up your alley. Here, you can experience the best of Broadway, plays and orchestral music in one of 5 distinct theaters. Over 3,000 events are held annually, and there’s always something to interest the more than 10 million visitors who come through the doors every year. You can hear world-famous musical compositions being performed by world-class orchestras and conducted by renowned maestros. You can enjoy Broadway shows right in the heart of Tampa Bay!

A visit to Tampa will be an eye-opener and a fun time for everyone involved. This list of Tampa’s Main Attractions is broad enough to satisfy even the most discerning traveler. Make a beeline for Tampa and explore the wonders this city had to offer!

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