Tampa Bays Best Sea Foods

Tampa Bay’s Best Sea FoodTampa Bays Best Sea Foods

1873. That is the number of seafood restaurants in the Tampa Bay area so are you ready for us to suggest some of Tampa Bays best sea food. That is many restaurants to choose from, so if you are a tourist, finding Tampa Bay’s best seafood might be a little tricky Well, all these restaurants are pretty excellent, and they all serve good food, but of course, it is nicer to get the best. That is why we are going to help you decide by narrowing down your choices. That is right! We are featuring the top five of the Tampa Bay’s best seafood restaurants.

Basing it on customers’ reviews and appraisals, we have come up with these top five.

1) Lobster Haven – this restaurant is located in Hillsborough Ave., and is open from 11 am until 10 pm. The menu consists of a variety of seafood like lobsters, crabs, salmon, mussels and oysters cooked in different variations. There’s also a selection of sodas which can be ordered with unlimited refills. Moreover, there is also an impressive selection of beers and wines on the list.

2) The Rusty Pelican – this seafood haven is located at Rocky Point. Lunch, dinner and brunch and separate menus. Although the offerings also include red meat, lunch menu consists of different kinds of seafood like oysters, shrimp, clams, scallops, mussels, crabs, calamari among others. Dinner menu mainly contains the dishes offered during lunch, except for there is what they call Sea Food Tower, which is a variety of seafood on one plate. The brunch menu also contains seafood selection but includes classic American breakfast like pancakes and waffles which you can always enjoy in their excellent preparation.

3) Oystercatchers – this is a known upscale restaurant located in Grand Hyatt. This seafood place is known to be the constant favorite. Apart from its place that would allow having a taste of the Gulf of Mexico, its impressive menu showcases a variety of seafood freshly caught, and line-caught fish cooked in various ways.

4) Mitchell’s Fish Market – this sophisticated, upmarket chain seafood restaurant can be found at the Westshore Plaza. Apart from the superb and fantastic seafood dishes that fill in the menu, the place is also famous for its raw bar and also for the happy hour martinis.

5) Taste of Boston – this is a trendy seafood place that is located in Interbay Blvd. Taste of Boston is a cozy place to eat because of the ambiance and its location on the waterfront. Apart from the remarkable seafood dishes in the menu New England-style, the restaurant also serves burgers and sandwiches.

There you have it. Though our list is not arranged according to the restaurant’s popularity, these are the places that customers have sworn to be the ones of the Tampa Bay’s best seafood restaurants. Because aside from the outstanding views, these restaurants also serve freshly caught seafood, and so people are insisting on coming back. So if you are a tourist or a newbie in town, check out these fantastic places and treat yourself to an excellent meal for lunch or dinner (or both). Next time you visit Tampa Bay, call a friend to tell a friend to tag along so that you all enjoy what you already know.

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