Top Places to Live in St. Petersburg

Moving to a new place can be an exhilarating experience but a bit scary as well. You are not sure exactly what you are going to find and how you will fit into the new neighborhood. Located on Florida’s Gulf coast, St. Petersburg is an amazing place to relocate to if you are looking for something new and refreshing. Sunshine city plays home to the Dali museum which showcases beautiful artwork and the Mahaffey Theater that the Florida Orchestra calls home. St. Petersburg FL is a great choice for anyone who is big on fishing or boating and the waterfront parks makes it ideal for people with young families too. But which exactly are the best neighborhoods in St. Petersburg FL?


3rd St South, University Park

For people with kids, this is probably one of the best Neighborhoods in St. Petersburg FL thanks to the Poynter Park, and also a small beach, which makes an ideal place to entertain the young ones. Though the streets here are busy, there are a lot of shops around, which makes it easier to get anything you need. The Salvador Dali museum located in this area boasts of the largest collection of Spaniard's surrealist works; a field day for any art enthusiast. The icing on the cake is that the neighborhood is a quiet and tranquil one.


Sun Boulevard West, Isla Del Sol

For the golf lovers or yacht enthusiast, move to Sun Blvd West, Isla Del Sol and take advantage of the great weather at this St. Petersburg neighborhood. It oozes opulence by virtue of being smack in the middle of a yacht and golf club. It is also well known for the great restaurants around where you can have a well-prepared meal as you take in the beautiful scenery. There are also amazing tiny shops around and the neighborhood is generally a very safe one.


22nd Avenue North, Disston Heights

Another great neighborhood for families, especially with young kids, 22nd Ave North, Disston Heights, is a great choice for anyone moving to St. Petersburg. What’s more is the neighborhood’s proximity to schools which means the young one’s education is catered for. For anyone who loves the outdoors, Pinellas Trail is an amazing place to take a walk or get your bicycle and go for a ride. The kids’ leisure is also catered to thanks to Azalea Park which is in the area. It is a safe and tranquil area and will not disappoint.


Tyrone Boulevard North, Jordan Park

Home to the Tyrone mall, which it is best known for “Tyrone Blvd North”, Jordan Park caters to the needs of anyone who wishes to be a little more private and away from the crowds. It is nestled away from the main drag and this means that neighborhood is quiet and anyone who wants to work from the house, enjoys days indoors or likes reading will feel right at home in this neighborhood. Tyrone mall is also a one-stop shop for anything you need and this convenience just adds on to the good experience in this neighborhood.

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