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Pianos are considered as an asset for a lifetime and if you are planning to relocate such a delicate musical instrument that requires specialized handling for proper transportation than “Flat-Fee movers” at Florida is the solution for all your relocation worries. Flat-fee movers have expertise in local and far distance moving services. Local piano moving services at Florida extends to Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Sarasota, Bradenton and many other cities.

Piano Moving
Piano Movers

How to start preparing for piano moving shipment?

Once you are determined to relocate the piano. Then the first question which will bother you will be regarding the relocation charges. The transportation of your piano requires much-specialized moving skills which professional movers like Flat-fee can manage to transport your instrument hassle free and without any damage. The instruments effortless transportation while reaching the destination safely is worth the cost incurred for piano moving.

Start the process of piano relocation with Quotation:

Quotation from different movers will give you a rough idea about the money which you need to invest while relocating your valuable instrument.

Look for valuable feedback:

The customers who have already availed the piano moving services prior can give you a practical feedback about their moving experience with the company.

Never try to move the piano on your own:

Moving the piano on your own could be cumbersome and risky as it could damage your equipment, your house and can even cause injury.

Never agree to relocate your piano without proper insurance:

As you are entrusting to handle your valuable instrument to someone who has promised to relocate the instrument without any damage. But there could be an unforeseen situation. For such unexpected incidences insurance is mandatory. Professional piano movers provide insurance coverage for the accidental damage and such insurance also provides replacement cost.

Why Flat Fee movers for Piano Moving?

Trusting Flat-Fee piano moving services will give you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about relocation hassles. Below are the highlights of our piano moving service:

  • The Flat-Fee team members are extremely professional, courteous, and prompt towards their work.
  • Several years of moving experience of our professionals helps to accomplish the piano moving task efficiently, without any damages.
  • Your trust is the key to our achievement. Assuring customers with our flawless service is our motto.
  • The price quotations are done according to the make and model of your product. Considering various factors of relocation the rates might vary. Scenarios such as:
  1. Type of piano needs to be moved.Few Upright pianos weigh around 800 pounds whereasGrand pianos are approximately 100 pounds or more.
  2. The distance traveled also determines the rates to be charged while relocating the instrument.
  3. Various impediments like stairs, narrow spaces and other such factors are important.

Hiring Professional movers like Flat-Fee is the wisest way to relocate your instrument as their years of moving experience gives assurance and their promises are not superficial. Professional movers utilize structured and proven piano moving techniques which preclude from any casualty.

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