Looking for the best places to eat in Sarasota Florida. As you may well know, Sarasota is one of the best places to live not jus tin Florida, but also in the world. Sarasota is a cultural hotspot, and you can experience more than just great dining at these places: Tommy Bahama A restaurant, bar AND shop? This triage is usually considered a European invention abut Tommy Bahama has mastered the art of selling and eating. Although the shop is under a different roof, the two concepts go together like lunch and wine. New, fresh, funky and innovative. Moreover, don’t forget to try their unique setting for your next celebration, you have not had a bachelorettes party unless it has been held here! For something a little more commercial, try the Selva Sarasota. Nu Jazz and soul, funk, deep house… oh and specialty seafood dishes prepared and created by master chefs. With a European flair, this is a spot you have to visit at least once. You will not think it when browsing the menu, but do not hesitate to try the steak and duck dishes and not just seafood. You might have to visit Selva more than once because the menu is extensive and everything on it, worthy of five stars.

Best Place to Eat In Sarasota Florida

Mozzarella Fella For the Italian food lover, traditional Italian food with a gourmet twist. They believe in the freshest ingredients and time-honored recipes passed down for generations, but with the skill and expertise of a cordon blu trained chef. Try there catering option for the next time you are the host for a party or work function; the Mozzarella Fella takes the guesswork out of catering! However, whatever you do or eat from the Mozzarella Fella, be sure to try the homemade Mozzarella cheese before you leave. Crab and Fin One of the funkiest places in Sarasota to have a drink and delightful meal. My advice is to come early and try the large selection of cocktails before you decide on a meal and wine. Either a great start to a night out on the town or just a fantastic, vibey place to eat gourmet snacks and delicacies. This site is one where the vibe is tangible and will leave you with a beautiful, funky dining experience. Veronica Fish and Oyster Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but it can also be one of the most difficult ones to cater for. You might not know this, but eggs can be one of the most challenging things to prepare and in a setting like a busy upmarket restaurant like Veronica Fish and Oyster, can be very challenging indeed. This restaurant, however, seems to be one of those gifted prodigies who never had a problem with an egg from the day they were born, you know, the ones you hated in school for their beauty and talent? I struggle to boil an egg hard and these chefs turn out five-star quality breakfast and brunch dishes as if they have been doing it for years. Be sure to try the fried green tomato Benedict, a fresh and new idea combining a timeless American Classic with a timeless European one. These are some of your local Sarasota moving companies favorite places to eat.