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Why You Should Never Hire Tampa Movers Until You Read This Checklist:

Making a simple checklist can help you avoid the nightmare of hiring the wrong moving company for your upcoming move. If you’ve never listened to a horror story from a friend or family member who trusted their move to a less than reputable agency, you may not fully understand what can and often does go wrong during a move. Even if you’re just moving across town, there is much you can do to eliminate the possibility of lost possessions, damaged items, being overcharged, dealing with obnoxious movers, and so on. Flat Fee Movers has heard all the stories, and is committed to providing a better moving experience for their clients. Why not give one of their Tampa movers a call now at 941-216-1148? If you’re not ready to make the call, check out the following checklist to help you make the right choice:

1. Ask your prospective movers if they take inventory of your items. You’ll want to work with a moving company that offers a free walk-through of your building to take stock of what the move will entail. While most movers can typically provide you with an estimate for your move, you’ll only get a accurate invoice when your possessions have been looked at first hand. Get your estimate in writing to avoid any hassles on moving day.

2. Never, ever pay for the move ahead of time. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, since you hold all of the control over your move for as long as the payment remains in your hands. A mover who takes payment in advance may provide shoddy service or may not even show up on moving day. Once you’ve seen with your own eyes, or have heard from a trusted person at the destination location that your items have arrived in the same condition they left in, and all of the services you’ve hired your mover for are complete, you can release payment to them.

3. Ask about references. Most Tampa movers have at least one local reference they’re willing to share with clients, so you can avoid the headache of researching online, or at least use your online search as a supplement to a first hand testimonial. Don’t just accept the referral- call the number your mover provided and ask about the details of their moving experience.

4. Hire a mover that offers an all-inclusive estimate; if you don’t, you can be certain you’ll find additional fees and costs added into the invoice when it comes time to pay. At Flat Fee Movers, your moving estimate reflects all of the services you’ve discussed with their team. Make sure you mention all of the services you’re looking for, including packing if necessary, heavy or delicate items that will require specialized handling, and short or long term storage if needed.

Take your checklist to Flat Fee Movers and let their experts answer your questions for you. Flat Fee Movers uses only the highest quality of moving supplies, and is committed to handling your possessions in the same way that you would if you were moving them. Call FFM now at 941-216-1148 for your moving estimate.

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