Long Distance Moving Companies

Long Distance Moving Companies

Nervous about moving your piano? Let Flat Fee Movers do it for you.

At Flat Fee Movers, our sole business is to ensure that items get to your new office or home in good time and not in good condition but, exactly as you saw them last. We are based in Sarasota and offer all kinds of moving services both locally and internationally. Unlike the majority of Sarasota moving companies, we do not outsource the job you gave us to other companies and especially in the question of an international relocation. This is to imply that the same guy you saw loading your piano or furniture will be the same one unloading it into its new home. So, why would you like to hire us and especially if you are currently vetting piano movers in Sarasota?

Long Distance Moving Companies

Visit www.flatfeemovers.com to have your piano safely delivered to its new home.

When people move, their biggest worry is whether the items they feel so attached to will get to the new destination just as they were. Both local and long distance movers are supposed to reassure you of their capability to take care of such ends but, are they going to instill confidence? Pianos are not only delicate but also expensive. In addition, most of the people who own a piano will tell you that it is an item of sentimental value and one they would not like to lose or damage.

We understand why you are hesitating and would like you to abandon your doubts. Our moving crews are made up of professionals who are always looking forward to a new job. They will pad it well and secure it so that it does not wobble in the van. We also insist on wrapping to make sure that it won’t retain scratches after the move.

Long Distance Moving Companies

Recalling that we do not outsource, the guys who packaged your piano will be the same ones to unload it. From experience, we know that items could move to a new destination in intact form only to be broken when they are being unloaded. What would be the point of moving it if what you feared is eventually going to happen?

They say that accidents are inevitable but, since our crews are careful, we do not expect any. Nonetheless, we are comprehensively covered implying that just in case of anything, we will quickly manage to replace whatever was lost or damaged.


Like the name of our business suggests, we charge a flat fee for our services. Our long distance moving services are expectedly more expensive than local moves. For inquiries on what your move will cost, please visit www.flatfeemovers.com and place a ticket on our support desk. Note that we handle last minute moves and as such, we strive to get back to you promptly so that your business will not escape us.

What’s more?

Different from what most long distance moving companies will tell you, we do not believe in maintaining industry standards but, strive to provide exactly what a client wants. You won’t fail to notice how polite our crews are, our personalized services like in the case of a piano move, and just in case you are moving furniture we disassemble and later reassemble it for you at its new home.

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